The deck’s appearance in your outdoors is a good investment, especially when you like spending time outdoors. Decorating can become overwhelming. However, knowing how to check your deck from time to time is vital for your and your family’s safety.   


To know if you and your family are still safe in your good-looking deck, make sure to consider looking out for these signs.  

  1. Support beams showing signs of decay 

Noticing decay on your wooden deck is never a good indicator. If you leave it as it is, the rotting issue may worsen and may impact the structure of your deck in a very bad way.   

The present regulations on buildings require decks to be built with concrete footings. This is a wise move that ensures your family’s safety when staying on your deck in times of unnoticed rotting issues. This is also to ensure that a lesser chance of moisture problem is encountered by your deck, further preventing rotting problems.   

  1. Heaving or dropping footings 

Having a deck with concrete footings helps make sure that your deck can thrive for a longer number of years. However, even if this concept is often praised as a very good preventative measure of possible decay issues, it is still not your perfect solution.  

Issues in cold weather can take a toll on concrete structures, including your concrete deck footing. This issue is often experienced more by those who live in colder regions or locations. Moreover, with concrete poured in a shallow manner, the problem can be prominent as well.  

  1. Erosion surrounding the posts  

Whether your deck’s footings are made of concrete or wood, you are still susceptible to chances of erosion. Erosion issues come up when any water source washes up soil away. This leads to exposing the footing of the deck, making it vulnerable and destabilized.   

Drainage issues often cause the issue. It can be due to drainage problems in your property, but it could also be due to nature itself. You see, there is always movement with the ground. With this unstoppable phenomenon, you will need to do your part in maintaining the stability of your deck through regular maintenance or checkup.  

To avoid further issues with erosion, make sure to do something whenever there’s a sign of pooling under your deck when it is raining and pouring.  

4.Cracks and splinters on deck board  

When you notice a crack or a splinter on your deck board, you should always turn your head to the issue. You may be able to turn your back on the problem with cracks and splinters when it is only happening with one deck board or two. However, if the issue is prominent to almost all the wooden oars on your deck, it is best to invest in a new one to avoid safety issues.   

If you want your investment to last, taking care of it is your only answer. To ensure that happens, you should rely on professionals like deck builders Charlotte NC for any deck concerns. To connect with them, visit their website